the Estate

Take a tour of the estate. From building to building and room to room. Across the lawns, past the pool, through orchards and vineyards. Survey the garden, peruse the henhouse. Stop and smell the roses, the lavender and the honeysuckle. Surprises await.

Our Accommodations

SHF has the soul of a residence and the amenities of an inn.

Gathering Places

The whole point of renting a house instead of booking a hotel is so your group can hang out together. While everyone always ends up in the kitchen, Spirit Hill Farm offers many alternatives, indoors and out. At any moment you might find yourself around a table, a fire pit, a bocce court or the pool.

The Farm

Spirit Hill is a family farm – large enough to sustain a family, small enough to be tended by family members. Set amid a sprawling apple orchard, it includes a kitchen garden, an ornamental garden, a swath of fruiting plants, and a hen house. And right next door, row upon row of vineyards. This ain’t the city.

The Grounds

Spirit Hill Farm is a cozy compound that seamlessly flows from one space to the next. There are places to gather and places to lose yourself. Enjoy fellowship when you want it and privacy when you need it. Day or night, you will find yourself drawn to the property’s recesses and retreats.